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Privacy Policy

CUBuy (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") operated by KOG Trading Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") is committed to protecting your privacy. Please read the privacy policy of this website carefully. Your use of this webpage or any part of it means that you have read, understood and agreed to the data collection and use methods described in the privacy policy. The company reserves the right to update and change the content of this website at any time, and has the right to unilaterally modify the terms of use without prior notice.

(1) Data collection statement and purpose

When you use this website or become a member of this website, you may have to contact CUBuy

Provide your information including but not limited to name, gender, age, contact information, phone number, email address and Facebook account. You agree that this information is provided by you to the company voluntarily, and you agree and understand that the information provided to the company will be collected and stored, and can be used for the following purposes:
a. Handle online product ordering and contact, and save it as a communication database
b. Handle daily accounts or collect the payment due in your account for related services
c. Handle your order payment and debit arrangements
d. Used to ship products
e. Identity verification and records
f. Notify you about promotional activities, service arrangements and the latest products, etc.
g. Used for marketing purposes, such as market research, development of promotional activities and strategies, etc., to monitor the total usage data of this website

(2) Data security
The company hereby declares that the information will only be used by the responsible internal staff, will not sell your information, and provide, disclose, access and transmit your information to third parties.

(3) Security (online shopping)
The online payment gate system of this website uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption technology. All personal data is encrypted before being transmitted through the Internet to prevent unauthorized third parties from reading during online transmission and ensure that it is used Provide a safe and reliable online shopping experience.

(4) Refusal to receive data registration
After you register on this website, the company will retain your information for ordering, contact and product promotion purposes. If your registration status is terminated or expired, you may also receive phone calls, telecommunications, e-mails and direct mail about our company. If you do not wish to receive the relevant promotional materials, please email info@cougar.com.hk or call (852) 2345 6263 to register for rejection of materials.

(5) Trademarks and copyrights
Unauthorized persons are not allowed to use or copy the trademarks, pictures, images and texts of this website without authorization. The company reserves the right to pursue all the losses caused.

(6) Online payment
For any online payment made on the payment platform provided on this website, our company will not be liable for any loss you suffer for the following reasons:
a. failure, delay, interruption, suspension, transmission restriction, error, omission or invalidation of the channel used by the relevant bank or third-party trader to process credit card transactions
b. Any matter caused by or related to it

(7) Disclaimer

The company clearly stated that it does not assume any responsibility and guarantee for the following matters:

a. The relevant information provided on this website fully meets your expectations or its quality, operation, timeliness and accuracy
b. When browsing this website, it is safe, reliable, free from interference, and the information is correct or any damage or computer virus infection caused by downloading the relevant information
c. The company does not guarantee that the products introduced are available, and the company can change the content of this website at any time without notice. If the relevant information contains or may cause errors, omissions, misrepresentations or damages, the company will not compensate for any direct and indirect losses caused.

In case of any disputes, Gao Ge Hong Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.